Evaluating Information Tutorial

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What... is the focus?
For example...
Summary of what to look for
Who... produced it?
Publishing processes
Summary of what to look for
Why... has it been produced?
Summary of what to look for
When... was it published?
Summary of what to look for
Final reminder

In an ideal world all information would present a balanced and unbiased viewpoint. However, in reality information is often written with a specific objective.

In some cases, authors may be expressing a particular viewpoint - this is perfectly valid as long as they are explicit about the perspective they represent.

Hidden bias, whether or not it is deliberate, can be misleading. This could be particularly important in a subject area where there is controversy (e.g. genetically modified food, abortion).

The onus is on you, the reader, to develop a critical awareness of the viewpoints represented in what you read, and to take account of this when you evaluate the information.

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Adapted from the Open University's SAFARI tutorial by Cardiff University, with permission from the Open University Library.

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