Evaluating Information Tutorial

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What... is the focus?
For example...
Summary of what to look for
Who... produced it?
Publishing processes
Summary of what to look for
Why... has it been produced?
Summary of what to look for
When... was it published?
Summary of what to look for
Final reminder

Understanding how different types of information are published can also help you decide whether it is credible:

  • Any individual can publish anything on the World Wide Web, or post to a discussion list - this has to be judged on its own merit and with reference to the author's credentials.
  • Journals and newspapers, whether in print or electronic will in almost all cases have an editor and/or an editorial board that decides editorial policy which influences what will be published.
  • Many academic journals are peer reviewed - this means that articles submitted will be evaluated by at least two experts in the field before being recommended for publication.
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Adapted from the Open University's SAFARI tutorial by Cardiff University, with permission from the Open University Library.

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