Evaluating Information Tutorial

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What... is the focus?
For example...
Summary of what to look for
Who... produced it?
Publishing processes
Summary of what to look for
Why... has it been produced?
Summary of what to look for
When... was it published?
Summary of what to look for
Final reminder

An undergraduate student wants to find information on the background to Shakespeare's play 'Coriolanus' for an essay he is writing. Here are some of the resources he finds and then rejects. Each illustrates a different aspect of relevance. Click on the 'Rejected reason' link for details.

Reject 1

A copy of Coriolanus with notes aimed at secondary school pupils enitled "Oxford School Shakespeare: Coriolanus" by William Shakespeare. Edited by Roma Gill. ISBN: 019832006X.

Reject 2

An article in the scholarly electronic journal 'Renaissance Forum' entitled 'The End of Absolutism: Shakespeare's Coriolanus and the Consensual Nature of the Early Modern State' by Paul Cefalu. Vol.4, No.2.

Reject 3

A website about Coriolanus that simply contains the play with no background information.

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