Evaluating Information Tutorial

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What... is the focus?
For example...
Summary of what to look for
Who... produced it?
Publishing processes
Summary of what to look for
Why... has it been produced?
Summary of what to look for
When... was it published?
Summary of what to look for
Final reminder

Direction sign with subtitle - Ensure your research is focussed and takes you in the right directionEven if a piece of information is of good quality, it may not be relevant to the question you are asking or the scope of your research. There are a number of ways in which it may or may not be relevant to your needs:

  • Geographical - it may discuss countries or areas in which you are not interested
  • Level - it may be too detailed/specialised or too general/simple for the level at which you are working
  • Emphasis - it may discuss a different aspect of the topic you are researching
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Adapted from the Open University's SAFARI tutorial by Cardiff University, with permission from the Open University Library.

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