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Information Literacy Resource Bank

Evaluating Information

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Information is readily available in a variety of formats on the web, but how do you know if the information is from a valid and trustworthy source? The learning objects presented here will help students to evaluate the usefulness and validity of information. These include:

  1. General
  2. Cardiff University users only

General Learning Objects

Resource Download
Do you trust the information on Wikipedia?
In this brief video from Survey Nation members of the public are asked whether they trust the information on Wikipedia. It highlights the differences in opinion concerning Wikipedia and some of the key reasons behind them. It provides an excellent starting point for discussion.
Wikipedia: beneath the surface (in under seven minutes)
Created by North Carolina State University Libraries, this video outlines in detail how Wikipedia articles are created and updated. It presents the strengths and weaknesses of Wikipedia from an educational perspective.
Evaluating online information
Features useful tips and advice on using the web critically and selectively when preparing academic work.
Duration: 5 min 53 sec.
This movie is part of a short series on IL-related topics. See Movies and Demonstrations for other titles.
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Critical Appraisal of Health Care Literature
This guide provides a brief introduction to the critical appraisal (or critical reading) of published healthcare information and web-sites.
Evaluating Information tutorial
Not all information is good quality and so how do you decide whether or not to include it? This tutorial will introduce you to key criteria for evaluating the quality of information.
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How to read research critically - an introduction
A brief self-paced tutorial that will introduce the concept of critically evaluating research.
Activity - How to read research critically
Self contained activity testing understanding of critical appraisal of research.
Evaluating information flowchart
A flowchart (presented as an image) that leads step by step through a process of evaluating information from websites.
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Web page evaluation checklist (word file)
Evaluate the information presented on a web page using this web page evaluation checklist.
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Adam and Eve Cartoon
Adam and Eve cartoon: Cartoon strip with the caption of '...with information literacy training we could have researched the hazards of these bloody reptiles!'
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To Google Or Not To Google Cartoon
Cartoon with the caption '...To Google or not to Google that is the question.'
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Cardiff University users only

The resources below are for use by Cardiff University users only due to copyright restrictions imposed by the suppliers. A Cardiff University username and password is required to access the resources. Please note that most of the large images will display larger than screen size.

Resource Download
Wikipedia cartoon
Cartoon strip in which a student is amending Wikipedia to match his coursework submission.
© 2008 Alex.
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What to do with information
A cartoon image showing an information desk with two signs above it. The first reads 'Information', the second reads 'What to do with it'.
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Strictly web-fed
A cartoon image showing a school pupil talking to his teacher in a classroom. The teacher is holding some textbooks. A caption reads "No textbooks. I'm strictly Web-fed."
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Get all the information you can...
A cartoon image showing two people talking to each other within an office environment, one employee is on the phone. A speech caption reads "Get all the information you can, we'll think of a use for it later."
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This page is still under construction
A cartoon image showing a man reading a library book, the book is open in his hands. The text on the page of the book reads "This page is still under construction".
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