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How to use the resources

The learning objects contained in the Information Literacy Resource Bank (ILRB) can be used in a variety of ways limited only by your own imagination! Typical examples include embedding them in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, virtual learning environment (Learning Central) modules or printing them for use as handouts in teaching sessions.

Almost all of the resources have been packaged as zip files that contain everything you need to embed and use an entire learning object. The zip files can be freely downloaded from this site in accordance with the terms of use.

Embedding a resource in a module on Learning Central

Follow the steps below to embed a learning object in a module:

  1. From the ILRB, download the zip file of the learning object you wish to add to your module. Save this zip file on your computer.
  2. In Learning Central click on Content Collection in the Module Management area.
  3. Select a Module where you want to upload the content to.
  4. Create a folder to place the content in by clicking Create Folder. Failure to create a folder for the packaged content may result in other files being overwritten.
  5. Click to open the folder.
  6. Click Upload > Upload Package.
  7. Select the zip file from your computer that you downloaded in step 1 and click Submit.
  8. The zip file should now be unpackaged in the new folder you created in step 4.
  9. Now go to the section in the Learning Central module you want create your new item in. Once there, ensure Edit mode is on and click Build Content > Create File.
  10. Click Browse Content Collection and locate the folder containing the unpackaged zip file content. Select the index.html file by checking selecting the radio button next to it. Click Submit.
  11. Under Manage Access, leave this set to Give users access to all files and folders in the folder.
  12. Change the File Name if required and click Submit.
  13. The learning object has now been successfully added to the module.

For the purposes of evaluating the usefulness of the resources, please use the comment form to tell us which resources you are using and for what purpose.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for new resources we would be happy to hear your ideas. Please feel free to contact us.