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Aims of this tutorial
How to use the tutorial
What is citing and referencing?
An example
Why is it important to cite references?
When should I cite?
Citing using the Harvard Style
Multiple authors
Activity 1: Citing in the text
How to quote
List of references
Chapter in an edited book
Journal article
Electronic journal article
Web document
Activity 2: Compile the references
Final words of advice

Using the information contained in the list of references below this text, fill in all the gaps and then click on "Check your answers". Remember, you will need to include punctuation marks such as commas and brackets as well as the citation information. Click on the hint buttons, if you need further help.

According to the Environment Agency , in 20 years time there will be 33 per cent more vehicles on our roads. There is conclusive evidence that road transport has a major impact on the environment. Traffic is responsible for 22 per cent of the UK's carbon dioxide output (Foley and Fergusson and emits significant amounts of other air polluting gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide 1999) .

Cairns p. 75) argues that although "fuel and vehicle developments have made a huge difference to local air quality", measures to reduce traffic will also be required if the Government is to achieve its targets on air quality. One such measure is congestion charging which, according to a recent study by (2005), has been successful in reducing vehicle emissions in London.


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Foley, J. and Fergusson, M. 2003. Putting the brakes on climate change: a policy report on road transport and climate change [Online]. London: IPPR. Available at: http://www.ippr.org.uk/ecomm/files/PuttingtheBrakeson.pdf [Accessed: 21 July 2005].

Schwela, D. and Zali, O. 1999. Urban traffic pollution. London: Spon.

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