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This resource has now been updated. You will be re-directed to the new resource shortly. Please update your links accordingly. The following citations appear in Cardiff University Harvard style. Look at each one and decide which type of material is being described in each case. Some examples may not supply sufficient information for you to be able to make a definite decision. If this is the case, choose the response 'Insufficient information'.


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Clarke, A. 2002. Online learning and social exclusion. Leicester: National Institute of Adult Continuing Education.


This reference includes details of the publisher and the place of publication.
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Leverenz, C. S. 1998. Citing cybersources: a challenge to disciplinary values. Computers and Composition 15(2), pp. 185-200.


Check the reference for volume and issue numbers for a clue to its source.
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Cox, S. 2000. How to herd cats in Piccadilly. Times Higher Education Supplement 14 April, pp. 36-37.


A date and page numbers are displayed indicating a specific type of publication.
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Weller, M. 2002. Delivering learning on the net.


The lack of information may be a clue.
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DeLashmutt, M. W. 2004. Augustine's quest for the self: a threefold journey. e-sharp [Online] 1. Available at: [Accessed: 10 June 2004].


A web address together with volume and issue numbers should give this one away.
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Barajas, M. and Owen, M. 2000. Implementing virtual learning environments: looking for an holistic approach. Education Technology and Society


This reference looks like it could be for a journal article but are there enough details to confirm this?
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Mosco, V. 2000. The web. In: Browning, G. et al. eds. Understanding contemporary society: theories of the present. London: Sage. pp. 343-355.


Notice the page numbers and the word In:. This should help you decide.

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