Referencing Books in the Harvard style

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The following five questions will test your understanding of referencing and sourcing information from title and contents pages in order to compose references. You will be asked to compose references in the Harvard style from the information presented.

To do this use the flash animation to gather the necessary information from the title and content pages, such as authors, editors, publisher details, etc. The pages can be scrolled and zoomed into should you need to enlarge the text. An alternative text only version of these title pages is also available should you wish to use it.

Some of the questions contain hints that should assist you in completing the reference. Simply select the Hint button to view the tip for that question.

As you may well be aware, completing references in the Harvard style requires some of the reference to be formatted as italic text. As such, most questions contain a button labelled Italic which you can use to turn text into italics. First write the text into the solution box then highlight the text you want to format as italics, then press the Italic button.

Finally, by submitting your solution by selecting the Check answer button you will instantly be notified if the reference you composed is the correct solution.

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