Citing the law

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Citing the law
Why do I need to cite?
Activity: When to cite?
Inserting footnotes
Case law
Activity: Which report do I cite?
EU cases
ECHR cases
Welsh legislation
Scottish legislation
Northern Ireland legislation
EU legislation
Edited books and encyclopedias
Journal articles
Electronic journal articles
Government publications
Newspaper articles
Websites and blogs
Activity: Putting it all together
FAQs and notes

Using your knowledge of OSCOLA, select an answer to each of the six questions below, then click on Submit.

In which of the following footnote citations is the format of the author's name correct?


Journal title
In which of the following footnote citations is the journal title correctly formatted?


In footnote 14, you wish to refer to page 401 of the journal article above, which was first cited in footnote 7. Which of the following is the correct means of cross-citing?


You wish to quote word-for-word from the text of a judgment. The quote will be about four lines long. How will you present the text?


In the text of your assignment you write "The Travel Concessions (Eligibility) Act 2002 equalised the entitlement to travel concessions for both men and women at the age of 60." How should you cite this legislation in the footnote?


Case Law
You wish to cite the case of R. v Mirza (Shabbir Ali) which you found and read on Westlaw. The Where Reported section for the case on Westlaw includes the following citations amongst others. How would you cite the case?

[2004] UKHL 2
[2004] 1 A.C. 1118
[2004] 2 W.L.R. 201
[2004] 1 All E.R. 925
[2004] 2 Cr. App. R. 8
(2004) 154 N.L.J. 145
Times, January 23, 2004
2004 WL 61975


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