Citing the law

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Citing the law
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FAQs and notes

Here are a few examples of commonly cited sources.

Parliamentary debates

Note whether House of Commons (HC) or House of Lords (HL) Hansard, followed by 'Deb' for a debate, then the full date, volume and column number.

Each printed page consists of two columns. Place a 'W' after the column number in HC debates or 'WA' before the column number in HL debates to indicate a Written Answer.

If you are using Hansard online cite it in the same way that you would the printed version.


HC Deb 3 February 1977, vol 389, cols 973-76

Select Committees

Cite reports of parliamentary Select Committees by the committee name, the report name (if there is one in italics) and then in brackets HC or HL, the years of the parliamentary session and the serial number of the report which you will find on the bottom of its title page.

If pinpointing paragraphs use 'para' or 'paras' before the numbers.


Defence Select Committee, Iraq: An Initial Assessment of Post-conflict Operations (HC 2004-05, 65-I) paras 85-91


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