Citing the law

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Citing the law
Why do I need to cite?
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Case law
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FAQs and notes

Here are a few examples of commonly cited sources.

Law Commission reports

Cite by name and Law Commission report number and the year of publication. If citing a specific section, give the paragraph number(s)


Law Commission, Evidence of Bad Character in Criminal Proceedings (Law Com No 273, 2001) para 2.89

Command papers

Cite Command papers by author, title, command paper number and year of publication in brackets.

Be careful to note the abbreviation for a Command paper as shown on its title page as there has been six series of Command Papers since 1833. Each series has its own unique abbreviation. These include Cm, Cmnd and Cmd.


Secretary of State for the Home Department, Identity Cards: The Next Steps (Cm 6020, 2003)


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