Citing the law

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Citing the law
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Acts of the Scottish Parliament

Acts of the Scottish Parliament are cited by short title followed by the year then 'asp' (Act of the Scottish Parliament) and the running number in round brackets.


Crofting Reform etc Act 2007 (asp 7)

Bills of the Scottish Parliament

Bills before the Scottish Parliament are cited by Scottish Parliament Bill number and title, followed by the printing in square brackets, the session and then the year in round brackets. Amended versions of a Bill are identified by the use of an alphabetical suffix.


SP Bill 4 Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Scotland) Bill [as introduced] Session 1 (1999)

SP Bill 4A Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Scotland) Bill [as amended at Stage 2] Session 1 (2000)

Statutory Instruments

Statutory Instruments are cited by title, year followed by the Scottish Statutory Instrument year and number.


The Food Additives (Scotland) Regulations 2009, SSI 2009/436

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