Citing the law

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Citing the law
Why do I need to cite?
Activity: When to cite?
Inserting footnotes
Case law
Activity: Which report do I cite?
EU cases
ECHR cases
Welsh legislation
Scottish legislation
Northern Ireland legislation
EU legislation
Edited books and encyclopedias
Journal articles
Electronic journal articles
Government publications
Newspaper articles
Websites and blogs
Activity: Putting it all together
FAQs and notes

Measures of the National Assembly for Wales

Measures of the National Assembly for Wales, the primary legislation made by the Assembly between 2006-2011, are cited by short title followed by the year then the National Assembly for Wales (nawn) number in round brackets. If writing in Welsh, use the Welsh title of the measure and the abbreviation mccc.


Red Meat Industry (Wales) Measure 2010 (nawm 3)

Statutory Instruments

Statutory Instruments are cited by title, year then SI number followed by a Welsh SI number, prefixed by W (or Cy if writing in Welsh) in round brackets.


The Tuberculosis (Wales) Order 2011, SI 2011/692 (W 104)

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