Citing the law

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Citing the law
Why do I need to cite?
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Case law
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Welsh legislation
Scottish legislation
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EU legislation
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FAQs and notes

Cite UK cases as follows:

Illustration of citing a case

All judgments in the High Court and above are now assigned a unique “neutral citation” by the court which helps identify cases which have been published on the Internet even when they have not been reported in a law report series. For example:

Illustration of a neutral citation

Add the neutral citation immediately after the names of the parties and before the law report citation (if there is one). There is no need to note the court as this is indicated in the neutral citation.


Use round brackets if the year is not needed to identify the correct volume, for example (2003) 167 JP 621. If in doubt which to use, hide the date with your finger and ask yourself whether you could still find the report in the library. If you can, then use round brackets; if not, use square brackets.
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